Registration for HRCA Members

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Registration for access to the members' area of is for HRCA members only.  If you are NOT an HRCA member then please follow this link to the Joining Page.

Only fully paid up members of the HRCA may Register to access the Members’ Area.  This includes the following features and facilities:

  • Forum where you can post questions and pictures, help other members, and search the discussion archive
  • Detailed Calendar of HRCA related events
  • Wiki area with access to Spares Suppliers and Knowledge base
  • Annual Indexes for the Collector
  • ...more to be added over time

To register you will need to have your HRCA membership number to hand and follow the Registration procedure:

  1. Please read all these steps before clicking ‘Continue to Registration Form’
  2. The Username must be in the format 'FirstnameLastnameXXXX' where XXXX is your HRCA membership number e.g. FredBloggs1234. [The reason for this is so members can identify other members by name and nobody is hiding anonymously behind a ‘pen name’ or ‘non-de-plume’.  There was once an instance of an individual with a ‘pen name’ being rude and abusive to other members on the forum.]
  3. You are required to supply an email address
  4. The confirmation code (letters and number to be retyped) is required to avoid spammers and hackers trying to register multiple times
  5. After you submit your registration, an email will be sent to the webmaster.  They will verify you are a fully paid up member of the HRCA and activate your account.  You will then be sent a confirmation email and are free to use and enjoy the Members’ Area.  There may be a short delay before your application is approved as the webmaster isn't on-line 24 hours a day!

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